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Traveling and Health, Part 2

Thank you, my devoted readers, for waiting so patiently for Part 2 of "Traveling and Health."  Now that I have returned, I have had the opportunity to reflect on my journey. I would like to share my experiences with you, so that you too, can remain healthy and safe during your summer travels. 

As I quickly discovered, and you are no doubt 
aware, not all motels/hotels are created equally.  The biggest issue I had was with safety in the bathrooms.  Let's take a look:

Bathroom #1 - This tub is way too deep, and there is NO grab bar for support!  I am short, and I had difficult getting in and out of this tub.

Bathroom #2 - This tub is not as deep, but the grab bar is definitely in the wrongplace!  If you need to lean into the bathtub to grab it, you most likely will fall doing so.  There was a rubber mat for the tub, but it was rolled up and stuffed in a corner.  My daughter didn't see it, and sure enough, she slipped in the tub!

Bathroom #3 - Just right!  The tub is not too deep, and the grab bar is in the correct spot.  A rubber mat was provided, and left neatly folded on top of the tub in full view, ready to be used.  This is exactly what you should be looking for.  The last thing you want is to slip, fall, and injure yourself while you are on vacation!  Before you check in, ask to see the room, or
ask if there are grab
bars and rubber mats
in the tub.  Some motels/hotels offer "handicapped rooms." (Sorry, their term, not mine!)  The key is to call ahead, describe your needs, and see if they can accommodate you.  Don't be shy about asking, as your safety depends on it!


A few final motel/hotel tips to remember:

  • If it is a multi-level establishment, ask if there is an elevator.  If not, request a room on the first floor.
  • Do ask:
  • About accessibility of parking.  You don't want to have to go far to unload/load/park your vehicle.
  • If the room is equipped with a refrigerator and/or microwave.  This will help you plan your snacks/meals.
  •  If a breakfast is part of the rate.  I found that most establishments offer breakfast.  Remember, never skip breakfast, especially if you have diabetes!
  • The staff where you can get a healthy meal in the area.  They are familiar with local eateries, and can point you in the right direction.  Sometimes they even have coupons!
  • If they have a pool or exercise room.  It is always a good idea to get a little bit of exercise, especially if you have been sitting in a car for many hours!
  • Looking for a bargain?  Always have your AARP or AAA card with you to secure discounts where applicable.

I hope the above suggestions are helpful to you as you travel now and throughout the year.   Tune in soon for my third and final part of "Traveling and Health."  I will offer you tips on how to squeak some physical activity in to your vacation plans.  Until then, safe travels!   ~Susan

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