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Medications: Can They Make You Sick?

As the body ages, it is prone to developing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  Treatment may consist of taking several medications, which can be quite a daunting task, particularly for older adults.  Consider the fact that as people age, they face challenges in hearing, sight, digestion, absorption, and memory.  Arthritis sufferers bear an additional burden when handling medications and pill bottles.  Although these drugs are often a necessity, they can pose a risk if not used properly.  Following some simple tips at the doctor's office, pharmacy, and at home, will go a long way in preventing dangerous and perhaps life threatening events. 

At the doctor's office

  • Ask if you can reduce the number of medications you take
  • Report any known allergies and past reactions
  • Provide a list of ALL medications, including over-the-counter ones, herbal products, and vitamins
  • Ask about potential side effects
  • Ask the doctor to write down the name of the medication and reason you are taking it, together with instructions

At the pharmacy

  • Use one pharmacy
  • Make sure the name on the bag is yours
  • Check the contents of the bag to make sure you have the correct prescription
  • Ask about any special instructions
  • As what to do if you have missed a dose
  • Ask for an easy open cap

At home

  • Keep a log which includes a list of the names and times your take your medications
  • Take medications in a well-lit area
  • Double-check the label each take you take the medication
  • Use proper measuring devices
  • Make a list of side effects and report them to your doctor
  • Take your medication exactly as directed.  Do not stop or skip doses without checking with your doctor
  • Store medication in a cool, dry spot
  • Periodically clean out your medicine cabinet

There is no doubt that medications are necessary to treat a variety of conditions, but can they make you sick?  The truth is that they can, IF you are not careful!

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