Boomer Wellness - Successful Aging Through Education
"Susan Hurt is a premier speaker on topics relating to geriatric volunteerism.  Her recent presentation sponsored by Elim Park Volunteer Services, kept its audience of Elim Park Place fully engaged.  The results speak for themselves, as several attendees have joined the ranks of Elim Park Volunteer Services after the presentation!  I look forward to more Boomer Wellness workshops."  ~Allyson Palma, Director of Volunteer Services
"Susan is a caring, knowledgeable, and passionate professional.  She is a dynamic speaker who delivers important health information with extraordinary clarity.  She truly goes the extra mile to make sure her clients get what they need."  ~Raeleen Mautner, Ph.D.
"Susan combines the disciplines of gerontology and public health to develop and implement effective health promotion programs for older adults.  Her warm, gregarious personality encourages program participants to ask questions and participate in lively discussions."
~Mary Ann Agostini, M.S., Geriatric Counselor
"Susan's passion and dedication to the health of older adults is without comparison.  Her forthrightness about protecting the health of humans across the life span is abundantly evident."  ~Jean M. Breny, Ph.D.
"Susan's presentation style is a nice blend of didactic with visual examples and personal engagement through group discussion.  She is always well prepared and offers timely and well researched information." 
~Christine Bailey, M.A.G., Gerontologist
"Susan uses a variety of teaching methods to effectively convey important health topics to the audience.  The programs are organized, and she speaks clearly, at a comfortable pace, and with confidence." 
~Christine Unson, Ph.D.