Boomer Wellness - Successful Aging Through Education
ASSESSMENTS - Assessment of your loved one's living situation to identify his/her needs.  The following services are included:
  • Intake of information from the care recipient and family members.
  • Preparation of a written report (1) identifying problem areas, (2) the impact on the older person and family members, and (3) possible solutions to the issues. 
TRANSITION SERVICES: Assistance to ensure you live at home safely as your needs change:
  • Medication reminders.
  • Coordination of appointments with healthcare providers.
  • Coordination of outside services such as home health aides and nursing care.
  • Coordination of transportation services.
  • Removal of clutter and organization of your home.
FALL ASSESSMENTS - Determination of the level of fall risk by:
  • Inspecting the home.
  • Evaluating the health status of the homeowner.
A written report of the findings and recommendations will be provided. 
HEALTH PROMOTION EDUCATION - Individual lessons in areas of medication and driving safety, diabetes prevention, food safety, and effective communication with health care providers.  Other topics are available upon request. 
MOVING SERVICES: If you can no longer remain living safely in your home, the following services are available:
  • Assistance researching alternative housing choices such as assisted living communities and nursing homes.
  • Assistance readying your home for sale. 
  • The coordination of packers/movers.
  • Assistance becoming accustomed to your new home.