Boomer Wellness - Successful Aging Through Education
"Driving Into the Future" - Many view driving as the key to remaining  independent.  However, as our bodies age and change, the ability to drive safely is compromised.   
Methods of adjusting to such challenges, as well as alternatives to driving will be explored.  A true case history will be presented during the class.
"Diabetes Prevention 101" - Diabetes is a chronic disease that, if left untreated, can result in serious health consequences.  The good news is that in many cases, diabetes can be prevented or delayed.  Find out if you are at risk of developing diabetes, what the signs and symptoms are, and when you should contact your physician.  The role of nutrition and physical activity will be discussed.  
"The Team Approach to Good Health" - Health care providers are key players in helping us to stay healthy, but it does not end there.  YOU are an important teammate too!  Learn how best to communicate with members of your professional health care team to receive the best possible care and remain healthy and happy.